Exploring Literary Elements

Character, Setting, Problem, Main Events, & Solution


1.  Read the online book Mrs. Murphy's Marvelous Mansion.

2.  Watch the slideshow presentation to learn about the literary elements of Mrs.Murphy's Marvelous Mansion.

3.  Choose one online book to read from this list below.

4.  In the class blog discuss the story elements.  Be sure to tell the title of your story, the characters, the problem, main events, and solution.

Click here to read: 

Mrs. Murphy's Marvelous Mansion

Click the button in the lower left corner to advace through a slideshow presentation analyzing the literary elements of Mrs. Murphy's Marvelous Mansion.  You will need to click the next button between all slides and read the information to yourself from the slideshow.

Choose a book to read from the list below.  Think about the story elements as you read it.  Then Click on the elements blog to the right to comment on your book.

**After reading the story click on "Close Book" to return to this site.

Penelope and the Humongous Burp


The Icicle